The coronavirus has been difficult for all of us. Our day to day lives and routines suddenly had to come to a stop, leaving feelings of frustration and uncertainty. The elderly community has particularly been negatively affected. More senior patients are feeling less connected to the outside world these days.

The senior population is especially vulnerable to the novel coronavirus and so have had to be closed off from visitors for the better part of a year now. In senior care facilities, some people have been stuck in their rooms all day with meals delivered to their doors. This increased isolation can increase problems with depression, anxiety and sometimes paranoia. In some instances, an unhealthy fear of germs has developed. It is vitally important that we be aware of the health concerns that can be exacerbated by this isolation.

These overwhelming feelings can lead to a more sedentary lifestyle resulting in muscle weakness, decreased appetite and higher risk of falling. Outdoor exercise and mind stimulation, such as puzzles and painting, are beneficial. The best action is to mitigate this issue by more involvement. The simple act of checking in more frequently and more communication can be an enormous help. The entire community needs to do all we can to help lessen the negative impacts of the coronavirus on our seniors.