About Guardianship2020-05-22T17:21:03+00:00

VACA will provide a Volunteer Guardian for an incapacitated adult when such services are not available from willing, capable or suitable relatives or other interested persons.  It is the goal of the organization that these services be administrated in the least restrictive way and with the most respect for the value of all individuals in the community.

What is Guardianship2020-05-20T21:21:03+00:00

Guardianship is a legal process that gives an individual or entity the power to make decisions on behalf of an incapacitated individual, who cannot make sound decisions by themselves.

What is an Incapacitated Person2020-05-20T21:21:30+00:00

An incapacitated individual is an adult (18 years or older) who has been determined by a court of law to not be able to manage their own affairs including food, clothing, shelter, and finances because of a mental condition. Mental conditions range from a mental illness, to developmental and intellectual disabilities, to other disorders that affect an individual’s cognitive functioning.

When is Guardianship Needed2020-05-21T18:32:34+00:00

When an individual becomes legally incapacitated, a guardian may be put in place to manage their affairs for them. This is a legal process managed by the Probate court. Typically, a family member is chosen as guardian, but if there are no available family members, a professional guardian may be assigned.

Who we help2020-05-20T22:18:26+00:00

The Volunteer Advocates for Seniors and Incapacitated Adults (VASIA) Program provides volunteers that visit elderly, mentally ill, and intellectual/developmentally disabled individuals. VACA is an advocate for seniors and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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